Security Model

The Nautilus security model reflects other rollups on Celestia.

At Nautilus, we take security very seriously. That's why we are still in testnet mode until we've fully audited the codebase. Similarly, we can't fully decentralize Nautilus until these crucial security audits have been completed.

Our security model reflects the security model of all other optimistic sovereign rollups on Celestia. We refer to the Eclipse glossary for our definitions for various security terminology:

  • Security: the cost to alter history

  • Permissionless: anyone can participate in the protocol

  • Trust: assumptions so funds cannot be frozen or stolen

  • Throughput: the ratio of transactions per second to the cost of running a full node

The goal of Nautilus is to build a secure, permissionless, trust-minimized, high throughput EVM chain. We highly value your patience and support as we continue to build highly performant decentralized systems.

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