Nautilus Developer Documentation

Nautilus is the fastest EVM rollup on the market.

Introduction to EVM Deployment

If you're brand new to Nautilus Proteus Testnet, we recommend checking out any other EVM chain's "Hello World" tutorial. For example, you can try out Ethereum's guide to deploying a basic contract. The only things that you'll change are the following:

  • First: claim our testnet tokens using our Proteus Faucet.

  • Wherever it says "Ethereum mainnet URL", instead use the following URL:

  • Chain ID: 88002

  • Wherever it says "block explorer URL", use the following URL:

Nautilus is EVM-compatible, so more than likely the process will be as simple as deploying a contract to Ethereum.

Integration Instructions

Do you need additional assistance integrating something special like a wallet, bridge, something else? Feel free to reach out via Discord:

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