Nautilus Bridge

Supported wallets

  • Solana: Phantom

  • EVM: Metamask or any other wallet shown in the UI


Go to

Connect Your Wallet

Currently we support Phantom for Solana and Metamask or browser-based EOA for EVM

Connect Both Wallets

If you’re bridging to or from Solana, make sure you’ve added both the Metamask and Phantom wallets. This will help auto-populate the right address later. Then hit the two arrows on the left of the sidebar to collapse it.


Choose Your Chains

Select Binance (Binance Smart Chain) or Solana to warp to Nautilus

Select ZBC under Token

  • Note on Solana, there are two types of the ZBC token, ZBC and wZBC. You must have the wZBC version when bridging, which you can get by visiting

Select Your Tokens and the Recipient Address

Choose how much you want to send.

If you have connected both your origin/destination wallets in the earlier step, you’ll be able to click SELF which will conveniently populate your recipient address. It will also share your remote balance too - the balance on the recipient address.

Note: if you have not connected both wallets earlier, clicking Self does not do anything.


The BEP-20 $ZBC token will be transformed into the native token of the Nautilus Chain.

Transaction Modal

After you approve and send the transaction via both the UI and signing in your wallet, you will see a transaction modal with key information. You should see links that connect the origin/destination addresses and tx to the appropriate explorer link for Nautilus, Solana, and BSC.

Note: Metamask may require an additional confirmation step while signing where you enter a spending cap:

Testnet only:

Testnet Funding Tips

Initial funding with testnet tokens

BSC Testnet

  • You will need to have testnet BNB funds for gas, and the ERC-20 token that can be bridged over

  • The token on BSC testnet that can be bridged is the test “USDC” token, which you can get by:

  • If you use the faucet to request native testnet BNB and the USDC token, the faucet may complain. To get around this, you can try funding a different address with a different IP (using a VPN), or let Nam or Trevor at Abacus Works know and we can send some tokens to you.

Solana devnet


  • The way to get Proteus gas funds is by bridging from BSC testnet or Solana devnet!

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